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Title: Getting Scale out of your Web Apps on Azure (Moving your application and its relational data to the cloud)

Speaker: Bruno Terkaly, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft, http://blogs.msdn.com/brunoterkaly

Presentation Summary: If scalability and reliability are important to your web applications, this session will help you achieve both. This session includes hands-on development for those who bring their laptops and will take you from the very beginning all the way to a finished application running in the Azure cloud. What makes this session interesting is that builds everything from scratch, including the database. But a web application by itself is not scalable if the data cannot be scaled as well. That's why both this MVC application and the database get migrated to Windows Azure and SQL Azure, respectively. If you choose to participate, by the time you leave this session, you will have created an on-premise database and MVC application and you will have migrated both the data and the app to the cloud. This session has been delivered live to 1,000s of developers.

Speaker Bio: Bruno Terkaly is an evangelist for Microsoft based in Northern California and has spoken at many notable Microsoft launch events, such as Windows 7, Windows Azure, and Visual Studio 2008/2010 and currently Windows Phone 7. He has spent his first few years at Microsoft in the field as a Rapid Response Engineer, flying on short notice to far away customers who require immediate on-site expertise in the area of troubleshooting, performance analysis, and deep-dive debugging. Bruno is also a seasoned presenter and consultant who has traveled to dozens of countries and helped students and customers with a wide variety of programming languages, SDKs, frameworks, APIs, methodologies &;;ndash; to name a few.

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