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Software Development Forum (SDForum) presents:

SDForum Distinguished Speaker: Howard Rheingold, author, 'Smart Mobs'

Thu, Mar 17, 6:00pm-9:00pm, Palo Alto

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Toward A Literacy of Cooperation

Speaker: Howard Rheingold, Author of "Smart Mobs"

Cyberspace chronicler, internet pioneer, and visionary, Howard Rheingold discerns important patterns where others see mere facts. His 1993 book, "The Virtual Community", foresaw the rise of the Internet, and his 2002 book, "Smart Mobs:The Next Social Revolution", described how the combination of mobile communication and the Internet makes it possible for people to cooperate in new and novel ways. In 2003, Business Week named him as one of 5 visionaries in its list of the 25 most important people in the cyber-economy.

Writes Howard, "In regard to the role of cooperation and collective action in human enterprise, our level of knowledge is scarcely higher than knowledge about disease before the discovery of microorganisms. Before we can approach the solution to problems of conflict, cooperation, and governance ­ the "medicine" for social ills,­ we need fundamental knowledge:­ the "biology" of collective action. A new way of thinking across disciplinary boundaries is required; it is that understanding we hope to catalyze."

Thursday, March 17

PARC - George E. Pake Auditorium
3333 Coyote Hill Road
Palo Alto, CA, 94304

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