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Software Development Forum (SDForum) presents:

SDForum: Developing A Compelling Positioning Strategy

Wed, Mar 2, 11:45am-2:00pm, San Jose

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One of the most difficult tasks associated with bringing a new product (and company) to market, yet one of the most important ones, is developing a compelling positioning strategy, the supporting value proposition and message architecture. The more competitive your market environment is, the more important it is to articulate clearly what your company/product does and why that is important, and, to which customers.

Rosemary Remacle, strategic marketing consultant and advisor to both venture-backed and public technology companies, will lead a discussion about the importance of developing a positioning strategy and best practices associated with the process. Her pragmatic approach puts a winning positioning strategy within everyone's grasp. Come prepared to talk about category development, segmentation and competitive differentiation......all essential to creating a winning position for your company/product.

Speaker: Rosemary Remacle, Strategic Marketing Consultant

Rosemary has led consulting engagements focused on strategies for mainframe/workstation, PC, SW, semiconductor, communications, Internet, and e-commerce products and services for clients in the US, Europe and Asia.

Over the years, Rosemary has consulted to management teams in large global corporations such as Hitachi, National Semiconductor, AMD, Sun Microsystems, IBM, SGI, Oracle, Toshiba and H-P. Most recently, her consulting efforts have focused on developing positioning and market entry strategies and supporting plans for venture backed companies such as Southampton Photonics, Fuego, Pharmquest, Neoforma, LightConnect, Innerwireless, BeVocal, NovusEdge, LightPointe, and Epicentric.

Wednesday, March 2

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