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Business Intelligence SIG: Real-Time Analytics at

Performing analytics on up to date data has been a customer demand for many years, but fulfilling this demand has proven to be extremely challenging. In fact, the common industry solution is to compromise on data latency and copy the data to a warehouse or mart for subsequent analytical query processing. is bucking the warehousing trend by providing analytics on real-time data. This talk first describes the multi-tenant architecture of It then discusses the challenges and techniques of achieving real-time operational reporting and business intelligence.
Donovan Schneider is a Principal Architect at where he is focused on real-time business intelligence for their multi-tenant software-as-a-service system. Donovan has over twenty years of experience in data warehousing and business intelligence including startups, Red Brick and nQuire, as well as larger companies Siebel, Yahoo! and HP-Labs. Dr. Schneider has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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