166-220 Holloway Road
London, England N7 8DB

Scripting Enabled is a conference and Hack Day

The aim of the conference is to break down the barriers between accessibility needs and the social web as much as giving ethical hackers real world issues to solve. We talked about improving the accessibility of the web for a long time - let's not wait, let's make it happen.

On this first day we will get presentations and forum discussions about what the real barriers to accessing the web for all are. No more building on assumptions, let's find real problems and solve them.

I'd love people to tell others about the event here, but saying you are coming is not enough, please go to the ticket site provided, and get your free ticket there.

Official Website: http://scriptingenabled.org

Added by codepo8 on July 21, 2008



Wish I could be there, but all things being well I'll have moved to America... forever