13 Norfolk PLace
London, England W2 1 QJ

Followed by Q&A with director James Rogan and Producer Phil Craig

"Blog Wars, directed by James Rogan, takes a look at the rise and influence of blogs in politics as it follows several well-known bloggers in the months leading up to the 2006 mid-term elections in the USA.

Blog Wars provides a sharp and funny look at the explosion of political blogs, which have become the loudspeakers for a new generation of activists speaking out and picking fights across the political spectrum. Some describe them as the self-indulgence of un-publishable nerds, others as the most vibrant and truly democratic political development of our times."

Length: 59 mins
Director: James Rogan
Producer: Phil Craig

Price: £5.00

Official Website: http://www.frontlineclub.com/club_events.php?event=1544

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