2600 San Felipe Rd.
Hollister, California

For the first time, we plan on opening our doors to those who dare test their wits at our new Sinisterium haunted attraction. A new design brings out the most extreme fear with a open free-for-all layout. What that means is that there are no set paths, no easy way out, paths to nowhere and monsters you can't trust; to keep you in! Ever been to a haunted house that won't let you out? Come test your skills and see if you can survive!

The ever scary Conover Mystery Ranch is bigger and completely new for 2009. The wicked family of crazy famers are up to no good again and have a taste for blood. They've made some changes to the farm and its most likely not for your comfort. Traps and chainsaws are at every turn!

Don't for get the forty acre corn maze. During your stay with us, please feel free to explore the intence maze in total darkness. No lights, no help, no way out?

Both haunted events are open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. From dark until Midnight on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is dark til 10:00pm.

Official Website: http://www.screamworks.org/

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