200 Longcao Rd, #100 1F
Shanghai, Shanghai

Metal in China would not be the same if it weren’t for these four boys from Sichuan.Yaksa was formed in 1995 and by 1997 were a part of the flowering metal scene here in Beijing.By 1999 when they signed with Scream Records to release their very first album “Freedom”, Yaksa was considered one of the very best metal bands in the country, a reputation they have had no difficulty defending.Their second album, 2003’s “FA FA FA”, showed the bands heading in a more mature direction as they included a variety of new musical elements.They have continued to develop in this direction as effortlessly as they write compelling, brutally hard metal songs.Their combination of vision and ability is one of the great forces of the still burgeoning metal scene here in Beijing.

Yaksa stands for powerful new metal, a loaded weapon ready to release its deadly blast, a metal machine rumbling from the grounds of the beats to the highs of their riffs.

Join one their concert and join the moshing crowds that pogo to songs like "Freedom" or "Like a bitch". Prepare yourself for their hateloaded last song of each show, the mighty "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck". This song is not only the end of show, but normally also the end for you as you've lost all your energy screaming out the final "Fuck" to end a wonderful evening.

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Official Website: http://www.yuyintang.com/module.php?act=yg&do=showd&id=179

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