24 Old Gloucester St, London
London, England WC1N 3AL

Who this is for:
Been following Project VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) for a while, given it some thoughts, want to be part of it, wondered how to make it work, wondered where the money is, how to get businesses involved, how to build tools and applications, have it all worked out and want others to know, in short, have a VRM itch to scratch. :).

Who this is not for:
Heard about VRM, interested or intrigued, would like to know more but haven't really thought much about it. Join us at VRM Hub meetings where you can imbibe VRM with drinks and informal chat.

If you are interested in attending please contact me for further details as this event is semi-public. Contant details on the event page.

Official Website: http://vrmhub.pbwiki.com/Scratch-your-VRM-itch

Added by Adriana Lukas on March 1, 2008

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