361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

From KF site:
Scout Niblett, Grizzly Bear, Mike Wexler, La Laque

Price: ADV $10.00 | DOS $12.00
Date: Fri, Aug 05
Start Time: 9:00 PM

?Scout has a hauntingly distinctive voice, full of a naivety that?s seen too much. It?s that voice and her raw drumming that her music revolves around, occasionally accompanied by scratchy guitars and ukuleles. She is a soul laid bare with tunes you can?t help but stop and listen to? (BBC.co.uk)


"(Mike Wexler) The next big name on the new-folk scene is a deeply engaging singer-songwriter free of affectations... with the most gorgeously sandy-textured voice we've heard in ages" - Time Out NY

"Anticipated five-song debut EP from young songwriter Mike Wexler, a much buzzed about addition to New York's ever burgeoning new folk scene who just last week held a sold out Tonic crowd in rapt attention. Possessing prodigious songwriting skills and a voice as idiosyncratic--though certainly less precocious--as his contemporaries Banhart and Newsom, Wexler is easily poised to be one of the next big underground stars. His songs possess a real tender off-handed casualness, they feel comfortable and lived-in without being merely revisionist, which is no mean feat in this day and age. Charles and Jordi from the Occasion lend Wexler just the right amount of subtle backing (i.e. piano rolls, a small tinge of acid-inflected electric guitar) to further enhance his tunes' encroaching epicness. Here's hoping that his full-length will be as effortlessly graceful as this outstanding debut." - Other Music, MK

La Laque's whispery girl vocals, delicate organ and violin arrangements, dirty surf guitar, and savage drumming conjures a unique musical texture. The band looks and sounds like a noir movie. The songs are darkly romantic stories of violence, eroticism, and horror.


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