Jamaica Street
Glasgow, Scotland

The Scottish Flickr Group Meet Up.
Meet at the Witherspoons pub on Jamaica Street, near central station at 12noon for lunch or 1.30 if you don't want lunch.
We will be going on the small ferry £7.50 return for a wee run down the waterfront with a walk and ferry back

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/scots/discuss/72157594183277854/

Added by pamelaadam on July 27, 2006



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Oh no! I'll be in Glasgow on the 20th or so... (I work at Flickr). If anyone's into catching up that next weekend..


hopefully some of the native glaswegians can. im further north in aberdeen and will be working then :(


I will say i am coming and work childcare thing later...then I have to do it istead of leaving til the last minute & failing!