400 S. Cedar Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454

*** Ballsy, one-man blues band Scott H Biram and Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers ***

Saturday, September 17
400 Bar

Scott H. Biram likes cockfights. He growls about mud and murder. Yet, we wouldn't be surprised if he took his momma to church on Sundays. Yeah, sure, we could throw lots of pointy headed music geek orgy scenarios at you; Black Flag does it with Hasil Adkins, Mississippi Fred McDowell gets down with AC/DC, John Lee Hooker lip locks with Motorhead's Lemmy -- it all just scratches the surface. This is gospel for the 13th circle, and he's singing it like his feet are already halfway in the fires.

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Added by Bloodshot Records on July 25, 2005