363 Brannan Street
San Francisco, California 94107

If you wonder why your wonderful ideas rarely get accepted, or are compromised beyond recognition in meeting after meeting, it might not be your creative design talents that are the problem. It's your ability to frame, shape and pitch your ideas effectively to others. This fun, brutally honest, interactive talk, loosely based on the upcoming O'Reilly book 'Confessions of a Public Speaker', will give you everything you need to know to present, pitch, convince and sell your ideas so your world domination plans can begin. Bring your toughest questions for the no holds barred Q&A.

Added by Adaptive_Path on November 20, 2009


Nerd Stalker

The Nerd Stalker crew is looking forward to hitting this.


Looking forward to this event.


thing hapin


thing hapin


hope it includes pitching your boss...