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These are a love-em or hate-em rock/pop/disco band from the US, who had to go to the UK to make it big :o)

They will be bringing in the British New Year / Scot's Hogmanay at Edinburgh Castle....a huge party! and an enormous privilege

You can listen to clips from their album on the amazon website.
You can watch videos on Launch

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This will be your last chance to see them at a small venue, in a few more years they'll be at the bell centre. They're a lot of fun, and have a huge following in the gay community, so it's bound to be an entertaining sell-out event. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!!!!

Some reviews:

'Scissor Sisters are redefining pop music with a playful edge; fusing rock, dance, and just about everything else with incredibly well-written songs with hooks that force you to sing along.'

'Those dismissing the self-titled Scissor Sisters as a product of New York's latest band fad are jumping to conclusions. Yes, there's a certain cabaret aspect to what they do, but that's not to dismiss them as frivolous nightclub entertainment. That's only half the story. "Comfortably Numb" may nod to gay disco but this eclectic bunch of fashionistas have more interesting reference points tucked up their puff sleeves. If anything, the prevailing mood here is sunny AM rock, the kind of thing you might have tuned into in 70s New Jersey. "Take Your Mamma Out," perhaps the first song about coming out to your mother in a gay club, and sung by Jake Shears like primetime Elton, is a cracker. So too "Tits on the Radio"--slick barroom boogie that takes a venomous swipe at New York's increasing conservatism. Best here, though, is the anthemic "It Can't Come Quickly Enough," a retro carve-up of Nick Kershaw and the Pet Shop Boys that's more powerful than it sounds. Ignore it at your peril.'

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