3521 Helms Ave. (@ National)
Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles - Sept. 2007 - Scion, in conjunction with Swindle Magazine and design collective We Are Supervision, presents the Amass show at Scion’s 4,500 square foot Installation L.A. Gallery. For this exhibition, the We Are Supervision design team (SV)—along with Sayre Gomez, Patrick Griffin and Joshua Grotto, three artists with whom SV has a history of collaboration—will display its art, photography and personal collections.

SV was founded on the spirit of collaboration and creative inspiration. All the pieces shown in AMASS reflect moments of artistic synergy. The photographs were taken in the heat of the moment, not staged, choreographed or lighted. The collections of posters, signage, flyers, clothing, record covers, found images, masks, kitsch, various everyday objects and things collected from the street reveal the personal sensibilities and aesthetic influences of the artists. Exhibited together, these pieces deconstruct SV’s creative process, and form a physical space that reflects the group’s collaborative spirit.

SV is a creative team that started in 2004 as two artists and friends, Jordan Nickel and Ben Bertucci, who became business partners. They combined their design skills to make a living traveling the country for commercial projects. All the while, they photographed and painted the two worlds they inhabited: the surface world of the American dream, and the underbelly of society that serves as a wake-up call from that dream. Last year a third man permanently joined the fray: KC. Their combined life experiences are cinematic to say the least. Nickel is a prolific graffiti writer/visual artist/stylistic trendsetter/all-around troublemaker well versed in the highs and lows of the art world. Bertucci is a graphic designer, DJ and photographer, and a technical perfectionist with an eye for innovation. KC is a Chicago graffiti legend who recently rediscovered his creative purpose.

Chicago native Gomez's work has been included in group exhibitions at Gavin Brown in New York, and is part of the permanent collection at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City. Gomez has exhibited internationally in gallery and museum exhibitions throughout New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, London, Paris and a host of others. Grotto AKA ALLHEART, is a lifelong visual artist who works in a wide range of mediums including graphic design, illustration, drawing, painting and graffiti art. A printmaking major, Griffin spends a lot of his spare time shooting images both digitally and on film. A student of legendary documentary photographer Jim Goldberg (“Raised by Wolves”), Griffin uses photography as his daily journal and his images range from calm moments with his girlfriend to all-night debauchery. In 2005 Griffin created Frienemies, a zine based on his photographic documentation, collage and printmaking skills. Griffin also had a solo show for Hamburger Eyes’ Epicenter in San Francisco that premiered in the spring of 2007.

The opening reception takes place October 13, 7:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. at the Scion Installation LA Gallery, 3521 Helms Ave. (at National), Culver City, CA 90232.

Official Website: http://www.scion.com/space

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