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SCI-FI-LONDON is the UK’s leading genre event and an internationally recognised launch pad for genre movies. At each festival we have at least a dozen UK premieres.

The festival is now in its 9th year and will take place Wed 28th April – Mon 3rd May 2010 at The Apollo Piccadilly Circus Cinema, London’s most luxurious cinema.

Hunter Prey

A spaceship crashes on a desert planet. The alien prisoner the intergalactic commandos are transporting escapes and starts killing the survivors one by one, but they are under strict instructions to bring the prisoner in alive.

The soldiers begin to question their orders as they are slowly picked off, until it becomes one against one. As time starts to run out for both the survivors it is hard to tell who is the hunter and who is the hunted; who is the alien or who is the superior life form. Is killing the only way to survive?

This is the debut feature from concept designer and artist Sandy Collora, who is best known for the 2003 short Batman: Dead End, one of the best fan films ever made.

Hunter Prey is a tense chase film with the great production design you’d expect, and nods to Star Wars, westerns and other genre classics.

Added by Craig Grobler on April 25, 2010

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