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SCI-FI-LONDON is the UK’s leading genre event and an internationally recognised launch pad for genre movies. At each festival we have at least a dozen UK premieres.

The festival is now in its 9th year and will take place Wed 28th April – Mon 3rd May 2010 at The Apollo Piccadilly Circus Cinema, London’s most luxurious cinema.

Drones are familiar to sci-fi fans, but this is not about Halo antagonists, Stargate weapons, robotic helpers or Borgian slaves. This is about the most unfortunate of them all; office workers who inhabit the grey and beige partitioned world of stationery supplies, photocopiers and PowerPoint presentations.

One day, Brian accidentally discovers that one of his colleagues is an alien when he catches him in the stationery room transmitting a message to his home planet. He soon discovers that some of his other colleagues are extra terrestrial but from opposing worlds with different plans for Earth; and things aren’t looking great. Will Brian be able to save the day and win the girl?

Co-directed by Buffy alumni Amber Benson and Adam Busch and starring familiar faces from cult shows such as Freaks and Geeks.

Drones takes the mundanity and humour of The Office and gives it a dark, extra-terrestrial twist.

Official Website: http://www.sci-fi-london.com/festival/2010/programme

Added by Craig Grobler on April 25, 2010