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Not a documentary about Frank Zappa, but a mockumentary about aspiring inventor Vincent Dooly (Andrew Bowser) who is vying for his last chance to win the Young Inventor Award before he is too old, and finally beat his arrogant nemesis and perennial winner, Martin Wooderson.

The trouble is none of Dooly's brilliantly-conceived inventions, mostly built from junk, actually work, as the film painfully demonstrates. On top of that, his personal life is a bit of a mess. However, this year he believes he has finally discovered the Holy Grail of invention that will change everything, and, with the help of his friend, stop the smug wunderkind from winning his seventh prize, whatever it takes. Will Dooly finally build an invention that works and be immortalised?

The mockumentary format is often seen as lazy filmmaking, but writerdirector (and star) Andy Bowser brings a freshness to the format that harkens backs to the early days of Christopher Guest (Spinal Tap).

The Mother of Invention is a funny, and sometimes sad, tale of (under) dogged determination, with a great cast of characters that are as unreal as they are totally believable. Yes, the geeks shall inherit the earth.


The lead actor and director will be in attendance.

Official Website: http://www.sci-fi-london.com/festival/2009/programme/

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