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As a child Kohei Takahara grew up in an idyllic country setting with his mother and twin brother. One day, his brother drowns trying to save his life whilst Kohei grows up to be an astronaut, only to lose his own life in an accident.

As part of a special programme he is legally resurrected as a clone. Contrary to the scientists' expectations, Kohei's clone reverts to the childhood memories of when his twin brother drowned. When the clone discovers his original body he believes it is his deceased twin, and sets off on a journey to his old home, carrying his corpse. The scientists create a second, improved clone that goes to look for the first one. What discovery will the second clone of Kohei make in the ruins of his hometown?

With Wim Wenders as an executive producer, this is not a typical Japanese sci-fi film. Beautiful, subdued cinematography sets the mood for this philosophical, art-house film that is reminiscent of 'Solaris' or Wender's 'Until the End of the World'. It is certainly one of the more ambitious and thought-provoking sci-fi films to come out of Japan in recent years, and addresses many moral and spiritual issues relating to cloning that action-packed Hollywood films such as 'The Island' were unwilling or unable to do.

Official Website: http://www.sci-fi-london.com/festival/2009/programme/

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