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Stingray Sam is a lounge singer created by that master of cosmic gun slinging, Cory McAbee, creator and star of the amazing American Astronaut (SFL1).

A dangerous mission reunites Stingray Sam with his long lost accomplice, The Quasar Kid. We follow these two space convicts as they earn their freedom in exchange for the rescue of a young girl held captive by the genetically designed figurehead of a very wealthy planet.

"This is a musical space western. It's cool. It's committed to its style. It's self-aware without being selfabsorbed. It's a film you want to bring your new love interest to, because it'll show him or her that you feel comfortable having your postmodernism smothered in hilariousness. It'll prove to this new love in your life that not only can the avant-garde disturb filmic conventions, but also be kindhearted and sweet, subversive yet caring and generous. This is not, however, some Ice Storm or Squid and the Whale coming-of-age whinery, no, this is the wild galactic frickin' West. Bring your gun. Bring your dancin' boots." (courtesy of Quiet Earth.us)

This was a huge hit at Sundance and is unique in that it was designed to be watched on everything from a mobile phone to a cinema screen - we've opted for the latter. Music is by Cory's hard-rocking American Astronaut band. Don't miss out on being part of the vanguard of this movie phenomenon.

We are also delighted to have Cory McAbee as a guest at the festival, and he joins us for a Q&A after the movie. See page 41 for details of Cory's filmmaking workshop.

Official Website: http://www.sci-fi-london.com/festival/2009/programme/

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