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Forget the urban settings of your typical low-budget zombie flick, the first-ever Brazilian effort takes you to the hot, sweaty mangrove swamps of the remote state of Espirito Santo.

Here, the people of this poor community eke out an existence fishing and pulling crabs out of the mud, but pollution and progress have been killing off the once abundant swamplands. Some of the older people believe the land has become cursed and haunted, and they are soon proved right as the undead start to rise from the mud and attack the village with their insatiable hunger for human flesh and blood. The film's hero is a rather timid man who has fallen in love with daughter of one of the village leaders, but when the zombies start to attack he finds the courage, and a machete, to try and save himself and the girl.

Apart from the setting, this film doesn't break as much ground as the zombies do, however, for a lowbudget movie that doesn't always take it self too seriously, it does offer zombie and gore fans something special, which is - how the hell did they get the amputations to look so real on such a low budget, without resorting to effects from the Troma school of filmmaking?

Official Website: http://www.sci-fi-london.com/festival/2009/programme/

Added by Craig Grobler on April 30, 2009

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