at 960 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, California 90013

Michael Maltzan Architecture and Eric Owen Moss Discuss
Dark Side of the Moon.

SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss discusses the new site-specific installation, Dark Side of the Moon with Michael Maltzan, Wil Carson, Sevak Karabachian, and Tim Williams of Michael Maltzan Architecture.
Dark Side of the Moon introduces a new threshold in the gallery, creating a space between two worlds that provokes interaction and a simultaneous experience for, and between, those who visit. As viewers enter the gallery, a surface descends above them, arcing across the entirety of the 1400+ square foot space and gradually bending toward the gallery floor. Expanding the role that this “fifth façade” has played in the Michael Maltzan Architecture’s recent projects, the exhibition transforms the soffit of the gallery into unique space by positioning the structure above the gallery walls rather than within them.

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