13 Brunswick Square
Hove, England BN3 1EH

The last three months Phil Jones and Matt Weston have been jointly plotting a startup school in Brighton.

Maybe stealing things from Y Combinator/ Startup School.
Or the KaosPilots.
Or Bauhaus.

Phil's next bit is getting some money together (eu, council, vc etc). Matt's is designing (or prototyping) the school.

The School Assembly is the beginning of this design process. The purpose is to get people other than us involved and inputting and assembling this school. Anyone who feels like it. Specially people who have ideas they'd like to turn into companies.

There will be a bit of what do you do, who are you and all that.

The floor will be given over to assembling ideas and resources for the school. Meaning, lots of index cards.
Like a collective stream of consciousness or similar.

There might be a bit of acting as if the school already is a school.

Something concrete might or mightn't emerge.

But the least that might happen is that lots of nice and clever people working on new things talk (and maybe form little rebel alliances).

The assembly will run from 6-9pm, but you can arrive at any time and stay for as long or little as you like.

Mail matt at mattweston dot org if you've any questions or just to say hello. Or you can call oh seven seven four zero three four five eight two eight.

Official Website: http://assembly.campfirenow.com

Added by mattweston on April 10, 2008



Won't be around I'm afraid, but it sounds fun so let me know how it goes :-)


The linked page is protected by username / password form, with no way to register.


http://assembly.campfirenow.com will be open on 1 may. there's guest access at http://assembly.campfirenow.com/5a8fb already but nothing to see. purpose is so as people can help assemble the school in person and/ or online afterwards. a daylong collective stream of consciousness or something like.


hello. have had to nudge the date from 1 may to 6 may. means we can use the beautiful 13 brunswick square. but hope this isn't too inconveniencing.


Is it only in the evening now?


yeah - abbreviated to 6-9pm. though if that's difficult for anyone, happy to meet separately or email or IM ^_^