915 East Washington
Ann Arbor, Michigan

From http://lib.umich.edu/mdp/symposium/:

What are the transformative issues and implications that emerge from mass digitization initiatives? How will initiatives such as the Google parnership with academic libraries impact libraries, universities, government, information policy, publishing, and education? What are the professional, social, and economic issues? How will we identify and respond to the challenges and opportunities to shape future directions?

To help explore these questions, the University of Michigan University Library and the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science welcome your participation.
Free registration required.
More information: list of speakers, schedule of events.

Added by revgeorge on January 12, 2006



I'm mainly interested in seeing Tim O'Reilly give the keynote Friday morning, but it looks like there are some other good speakers lined up.


Ditto. Nothing quite like keynote leeching.


Others who'll be speaking include:
Michael Keller, University Librarian, Stanford University, a big innovator in online resources.

John King, Dean School of Information, University of Michigan

Clifford Lynch, Director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)

Ed Tenner, Professor & Author, Princeton University, the "revenge effects" guy.


Ugh, how did I manage to JUST find out about this? Hope I can get in!


Tim O'Reilley's keynote is delayed (flight problems) until about 11am.