Hallein, Salzburg

The Schmiede translates the trusted concept of a marketplace into an innovative and technically oriented work environment.
It is a trading place for ideas, focusing on team work, communication and creation.
It is a playground (space, infrastructure and time) where the international Schmiede-network comes together every year for ten days, to create a flexible centre for the exchange of information, knowledge, ways and means to cooperate.
Our focus is on creative team work and the improvement of personal team and networking skills, in and between project groups and across genre boundaries. Therefore, we concentrate on the process of development, the single steps of progress, the initiation and building of cooperation, understanding and trust.
Schmiede is located in a huge turn of the century salt refinery, which provides the adequate amount of space for the Schmiede Network and its equipment to come together and work and play.
The grande finale is a workshow to present the developed projects and test results.
Ever since 2003 the structure of the Schmiede has developed from workshops over labs to working cooperatively on specific projects.
Our goal is a structure, that creates freedom and space for the development of creative processes and provides a social and technical frame for solid work flows.

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