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Le Switch

First of all, Le Switch are not French (if they were, they’d probably be L’Interrupteur or Le Bouton). They definitely haven’t worked with M.I.A, and they’re not that new British buzz band. They’re a Los Angeles based rock ‘n’ roll band fronted by singer/guitarist Aaron Kyle. Le Switch got their start in 2006 when Kyle recruited drummer Joe Napolitano, trumpet/viola player Maria DeLuca, bass player Christopher Harrison and keyboard player Josh Charney.

The band’s self-released debut EP, Hello Today, came out in early 2007. Soon, Eastside Angelinos couldn’t escape them. They played shows pretty much every week at The Echo, Spaceland, Little Radio, Silverlake Lounge, El Cid, El Rey, The Scene and the Viper Room. Those gigs led to live appearances on KXLU and Sirius Satellite Radio as well as airplay on Indie 103.1 FM and KROQ 106.7. Local bloggers like Aquarium Drunkard, LAist, You Set the Scene, Radio Free Silver Lake, Amateur Chemist, Rock Insider and Passion of the Weiss praised their EP and their passionate live performances. They all lauded the band, but couldn’t decide if Kyle’s voice was more “raspy” or “whiskey-soaked?” One even worried that Kyle might someday sing so hard that his uvula would explode.

The band’s debut LP, And Now... Le Switch, comes out this summer on Autumn Tone Records (Aquarium Drunkard’s label). It was recorded and produced by drummer Joe Napolitano and mixed by Joe Napolitano and head Radar Brother, Jim Putnam. It’s a record that might bring to mind early-1970’s records like Ram, Nilsson Schmilsson, Muswell Hillbillies and Leon Russell’s Carney mixed with a touch of Dr. Dog. The songs showcase the musicianship of the members with tasteful arrangements and Kyle singing like his life depends on it. At times the lyrics get all sensitive and broken hearted, but Kyle’s not the type to curl up on his bed and cry himself to sleep; he’s going down to the bar to drown his sorrows in bourbon and beer.

Following their recent appearance at the Hot Freaks! blogger curated party at SXSW, Le Switch have the coveted Monday night residency this May at the Echo. Supported by a slew of great bands, Angelinos won’t want to miss it. They’ll also be making a number of West Coast appearances in May in support of the Radar Bros. Le Switch will put a big ol’ smile on your face, but you might find yourself asking: “Is that drummer barefoot?”


Farewell Flight

"Lush arrangements, distinctly delicate guitar work, and the wounded vocals of Luke Foley elevate Lost At Sea to a near perfect status...If you ever have any kind of desire to listen to a band that just does it right, Farewell Flight will slip into your "February Morning Playlist" quite well next to the likes of Death Cab, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Elliott Smith."
- AbsolutePunk.net

"[Farewell Flight is] obsessed with making music. The band’s tight musicianship—undoubtedly a result of its intense touring schedule—is evident in every track. Each member’s contribution builds on and compliments that of the others, a cohesion essential to the group’s layered complexities. Where you won’t find Christian buzz words you’ll find an honest examination of fallen human life in all its complexity. Simply put, Sound. Color. Motion. is a beautiful album."
-Justin Pot, CCM Magazine, Feb 2008.

"[Farewell Flight] has asserted itself to be the hardest working act in Pennsylvania...[and] sounds like true emo (not the watered-down, recycled, contemporary version)-Like Sunny Day Real Esate, Death Cab For Cutie, and Elliott Smith."
-Andrew Schwab (Project 86/Tooth and Nail), CCM Magazine, July 2007.

"Lost at Sea is an absolute must-listen...everything Farewell Flight writes should be flooding the iPods of young kids in wanderlust."
-Gregory Robson, Resident Media Pundit.

We want to play music all year and meet cool people and make some money and not live with our parents. Anything you can do to help with those four things would be greatly appreciated. Especially the third one.

This is us:

Luke- Lead vocals, guitar, piano. Has successfully wrestled polar bears on two separate continents (yes, two!). Supposedly, has received his acceptance letter from Hogwarts, even though the school year has already started. Letter of authenticity has yet to be verified. Can maneuver a van and trailer in reverse faster than Jason Bourne in a Mini Cooper on a Parisian side street. Wins gold medals for outstanding facial hair. Once lost his cell phone 42 times in one day.

Marc- Drums. Has several tattoos that make him look cooler than everyone else in the band (not that that’s hard to do). Still has health insurance. When sporting a stache, he brings forth the ghost of Freddie Mercury. Voted “Most Likely To Not Fail At Life” by the other members in his band. Expert on centaurs.

Robbe- Bass. Real into sleeping. Came in second place on Nickelodeon’s Global Guts after being blinded by a glitter storm (aka snow blizzard) and hitting his opponent’s actuator at the top of the Super Aggro Crag. Still has a crush on Mo, the referee. Currently saving up all his change to buy a Ms. Pac-Man arcade console. Has a pretty good vertical jump.

Timmy- Awesome and (sometimes) guitar. Would rather play for the Steelers, Pens, or Buccs than in Farewell Flight. Good at mowing grass and laying down sod. Hates that he’s good at mowing grass and laying down sod. Near-expert level at “Saved By The Bell” trivia. Wishes he lived in the 1980's and was the lead singer of Final Warning, licking the microphone like David Lee Roth. Instead, he’s just some poor singing orphan.


(we want you to do "real good" in college one day)

"DEFINITELY" :: not to be confused with defiantly, definately, defenately, etc.
"YOUR" :: refers to personal possession (your car, your music, etc.)
"YOU'RE" :: contraction for "you are" (you're a great friend)
"UR" :: not a real word. only allowed when referring to the university of richmond.
"1, 2, 4, 8" :: numbers. not "ur the 1 4 me 2. i just 8 pizza.


Official Website: http://scenestars.net

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