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If you are ready to transform your body into one that’s at the peak of health and your ideal weight -- boosting your confidence and accomplishing more in the process -- you will want to be a part of this teleseminar workshop:
Say YES to Being Youthful, Energetic and Sexy

Our society is engaged in a battle of the bulge. Two out of every three Americans is now overweight. The effects of being overweight are well-known; coronary diseases, diabetes, etc. But is there another cost? Something not so obvious?

Not taking care of your health, and being overweight, also affects your accomplishments. It’s hard to be at peak performance when you don’t feel well and have no energy. This can affect every aspect of your life.
If you feel you are sitting on the sidelines and life is passing you by, now’s the time to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.

What could you accomplish if everyday you woke up feeling good and full of energy? There is a connection between health and accomplishment. And we’d like to share it with you, in detail, in our never-before offered teleseminar workshop:

Say YES to Being Youthful, Energetic and Sexy
Series Starts Wednesday, February 11 2009, at 1pm Central Time
(which is 11am Pacific, 12pm Mountain or 2pm Eastern Time)
Don’t worry about missing a call. Even if you can't make every call you will receive a link to the audio replay.
Register Here!
Let this teleseminar workshop give you more:
*Confidence It’s hard to project a confident air when you don’t think you look your best. Those extra pounds you gained over the holidays have caused your clothes to fit tight. You’ve noticed, but you hope no one else has. Your confidence is slowly eroding. But imagine what your career would be like if everyday there was confidence in your step!
*Power Power comes from within. You can’t be reaching your full power if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Poor health habits lead to fatigue, which is loss of power. Take control of your health and you will have the power to take control of the rest of your life!
*Accomplishment Have you ever done a presentation or contributed to a project that you just knew was substandard? Maybe you weren’t feeling well or you didn’t sleep well the night before. But how would you have done had you felt better? By taking care of yourself you are opening the way for accomplishment in your life. Better health habits mean better energy which turns into more accomplishment.

Why You Should be a Part of the Say YES to Being Youthful, Energetic and Sexy Teleseminar Workshop:
• Learn to harness you personal power to conquer self-sabotage
• Lose weight safely and keep it off permanently
• Leverage manageable steps to create long-term effects
• Have energy for everything meaningful in your life

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