416 25th St.
Oakland, California 94612

Sawako is a Tokyo/NYC based sound sculptor who understands the value of dynamics and the power of silence. Once through the processor named Sawako, sounds in everyday life field recordings, instruments, voice and electronic sounds float in space vividly with a digital yet organic texture. Almost paradoxical in nature, Sawako's music encompasses both deep contemplation and a arbitrary randomness of having totally no intentions. Such coexistence of control and randomness comes from her experiences in fields of art management, documentary video, and, workshops with non professional people. Her unique sonic world has been called "post romantic sound" by Boston's Weekly Dig. Sawako's 2nd album, "Hum" (12k), is an elegant and detailed work in which she consciously brushes against the fringes of pop music by extracting and processing the sounds of everyday life and working them into melodies and arrangements.

RF is the musical moniker of Ryan Francesconi, a multi-instrumentalist, media artist, and programmer in California. In his music, Francesconi blends organic instrumentation (voice, guitars, strings, horns, field recordings) with subtle glitchwork, pop sensibilities and his own software. The result is an intricate lattice where each sound, be it from a plucked string or a click of the mouse, is carefully and thoughtfully placed. RF's 3rd release, "Views of Distant Towns", is now available on the Tokyo based Plop label. Upcoming 2006 releases include a new project with singer Lili De La Mora (Sidecar, The Year Zero), a new Toids release, and producing a RF remix compilation for the Odd Shaped Case label. Live RF is: Ryan Francesconi (vocals, guitar, electronics), Tim Frick (vocals, bass), Ben Tuttle (drums, vibes).


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