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You have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You've had fun connecting to old friends and meeting new people. Have you ever wondered after four hours of playing, "Why am I doing this?" Have you reached the point where you've asked "How is this possibly helping my business grow & make me money?" Have you hit the wall, thrown your hands in the air and declared "I don't have time for this!"

I understand. I've been there. I am there. And, I also know that a paradigm shift is happening in business through social media. If you don't make time to understand and use social media for your business you're going to get hosed. Yes, I said hosed. Technology is changing in quantum leaps and business is going right along with it.

Ryan Lewis of Bonfire Social Media presents The What, Where, How, When, Who and Why of Social Media.

Ryan will:

* Reveal the tony triad of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
* Guide you through setting up your personal and business profiles right this time.
* Help you master etiquette and best practices including right timing for using personal and business profiles and posting information.
* Show you how to automate your processes which will decrease your time and increase your returns.

This isn't surface-y fluff stuff...we're going to jam on how to make these powerful tools work effectively for your business! Ryan is passionate about building measurable and forceful marketing campaigns, creatively incorporating multiple media tools and tactics for your biz and he just makes cool stuff that works...so we're going to have a great evening! Wifi available - feel free to bring your laptops.

Added by Bonfire Marketing on May 7, 2009