750 W. Evelyn Ave. (at Castro St.)
Mountain View, California 94041

Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Oscar Wilde, Puff Daddy. . . . Throughout history the brilliant and the charismatic, the heroic and the scandalous have all shared a passion: Champagne! This class will review the history of the region and wines of Champagne, from its early days of disgrace as the ‘Devil’s Wine’, to its current star status as the wine of sophistication and luxury. We will cover the fundamentals of Methode Champenois, the laborious technique behind the world’s finest tiny bubbles, as well as several alternative production methods and unique styles of sparkling wines from around the world. We will also explore the vast food pairing possibilities for this wine style, so often reserved for only celebratory occasions. On his deathbed John Maynard Keynes was quoted as saying “My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Champagne.” Avoid this tragic fate by becoming Champagne Savvy!

Must be over 21 to attend.

Register online at SavvyCellar.com or at Redwood City Parks & Rec or Sequoia Adult School

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