Waller between Central and Masonic
San Francisco, California 94117

If you have a car and live in LOWER/MIDDLE/UPPER HAIGHT, COLE VALLEY, UCSF, and PANHANDLE neighborhoods, you'll want to attend this hearing Thursday night, 11/30, 7pm, at the DeAvila School on Waller between Masonic and Central.

The subject will be City College's plans to relocate John Adams Community College to the DeAvila school. The move will add 2000 students and 150 faculty to our neighborhood. The college plans to have them park in a lot at Hayes and Masonic, then take a shuttle bus to DeAvila.
*70% of the student body takes public transit to school - that leaves 30% -or- @650 students and teachers who will still require parking spots.*

If you want to preserve the scarce parking in our neighborhood, you need to act quickly.

Some things you can do:
1) Attend the hearing at 7pm on Thursday, November 30 at DeAvila School.
2) Notify Sup. Mirkarimi's office that you will be attending the meeting by phoning his legislative aide, Boris Delepine at 554-6758
3) If you can't make it, write an email to [email protected] indicating your opposition to the project. Emails must be received by 5pm on Thursday, Nov. 30.

Some points to include:
-Parking in the area is already in critically short supply
-Very few residents of Waller or Central Streets have garages
-HANC does not represent the residents of this area and was not authorized to approve this project
-Residents of the area were NEVER formally notified of this project in any way, shape, or form.
-We do not believe that the parking shuttle will be used by students, faculty, or staff
-We want the project STOPPED until these issues are resolved.

Added by preppypunk on November 29, 2006