6-3-2 Jingumae (Harajuku)
Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture 150

5/24/08 we will have our third 2008 class of our ongoing

Fujimamas “Saturday School”

We at Fujimamas love to learn new things, love to taste new things and of course we Love to drink WINE come join us for SATURDAY SCHOOL where we learn to taste and discuss wine like the pros.

6 times at year on a special Saturday we will have affordable fun wine classes on different topics and themes! May 24th, 2008 we bring you...

Going “Sideways”
Learn all about Pinot Noir and why it became so trendy recently!

Why do wine professionals and wine lovers alike LOVE Pinot Noir? What makes this wine so special? How and where are pinot noir grapes grown, and what are the classic characteristics for this elegant wine.

Allow us to enlighten you: it's not brain surgery and it is fun! Come join a small group of “Hip Tasters” You'll learn how to sniff and swirl and taste some of the best and most interesting wines available in Tokyo.

Sat. 5/24/08 from 4-6 pm
3000 yen per person tax included RSVP required, please!
call 03-5485-2283 or email [email protected]

This month’s Class Presenters / Jan Nelson from Orca International and Lauren Shannon from Fujimamas

Price includes tasting wines and snacks. Bring a notebook! Wines are often available for purchase as well at Special “Saturday School Prices.”

Official Website: http://www.fujimamas.com

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