1223 Connecticut Ave Nw
Washington, District of Columbia 20036

I've made special arrangements with MCCXXIII Sat. night, June 28th. Cover is normally $20... but we get da Drew Jackson waived, yup waived! Not only that, I got us drinks specials ($4 beers and $5 rails... e.g. basic vodka cranberry, gin & tonic, rum & cokes, etc.) for our group only, *all* night! Getting drink specials on a weekend night is *rare*... so take advantage of it! We also get our own special meetup wristbands (that actually say "meetup") so we can easily identify each other!! =)

From 9 - 11pm, we'll mix and mingle together before the regular crowd gets there. After 11pm, we'll keep it going all night with the regular Sat. night crowd! The last time we were here, over 300 of us came out... so I wouldn't be surprised with a similar turnout this time around too!

If you haven't been there before, as you enter MCCXXIII, you are greeted by long flowing curtains and a leather and suede seating area with multicolored tables. See www.1223dc.com for more.

As usual, I encourage everyone to have a GOAL OF MEETING 3 NEW PEOPLE.

So spread the word, come on out, and let's have a night of dancing, drinks, and fun! =)

- J.T.


Dupont and Farragut metro stops. We suggest Metro / cabbing if you can. We also recommend using wmata for travel planning.


Dress code includes no flip flops, sneakers, hats, shorts, or athletic wear. Nice jeans are acceptable.

RSVP and see full event details here as well...

Official Website: http://nightlife.meetup.com/161/

Added by 20sand30sgroup on June 1, 2008