613 Allen St.
Austin, Texas 78701

Co-Lab : A New Media Project Space
Proudly Presents:
The Staypuft Harbinger : Sarah Stevens

Installation Showcase: Sunday, July 6, 5-10 PM

"After Sarah Stevens moved out of her studio the space was listed on Craigslist, and during my search for a new live/work space I found it, loved it, and rented it. Upon first seeing the space I recognized the wall collage as Sarah's (it was featured in Cantanker Issue 5: EXCESS). Troubled with the idea of tearing it down I decided to contact Sarah and ask if it had ever been shown to the public, other than in publication format, and learned it had not. So I offered to produce it as our first showcase at Co-Lab, setting the stage for our future projects and offering a farewell to an installation two years in the making." – Sean Gaulager

β€œIn November of 2006, a few months after my return to my hometown of Austin after graduating from Rhodes College in Memphis, I began leasing the nondescript corrugated metal building on Allen Street to allow myself a private but sort of wanton and hedonistic freedom. I painted the walls of the half apartment half studio gratuitously and without hesitation, and began a floor to ceiling collage in an effort to make sense and use of miscellaneous detritus that had been building in my life. I worked obsessively, though without concern for banality-just absent-mindedly doodling on the walls. The result is an intricate, layered, candy-like mess made of pages ripped from fashion magazines, glossy pink paint and tacky, bombastic fabrics in implied organic forms.” – Sarah Stevens

Official Website: http://www.seangaulager.com/Co-Lab/Co-Lab.html

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