1551 Winder #308
Detroit, Michigan 48207

5 bones, all ages show.
9 pm

Sarah Johnson (Noise Rock from Minneapolis)
Killer noise rock; if you like Boredoms, Lightning Bolt, The Locust then check this band out.

Tentet/octet (NY Experimental)
Really good experimental, if you like Free Jazz, Fennesz, Aphex Twin, Steve Reich or avant-garde music in general then check them out.

Formed in the spring of 2007 in Buffalo NY, TentetOctet aspires to see the return to the of idea of modernity as tradition, to find new means of dialogue in temporal artistic expression. Utilizing augmented and conventional instrumentation, the ensemble creates linear sound compositions working with both an academic and low-brow approach. Outside of their own pieces, TentetOctet has also worked in experimental theater, rearrangements of classical and jazz compositions (such as Gyorgy Ligeti's "Lux Aeterna") and live film score with their Reactionary Ensemble, an extention of the group that includes guest artists who work in live video manipulation. Members of TentetOctet have worked with Rhys Chatham, J-F Laporte and Tony Conrad. Progressive music with classical sentimentality Performance artist, Josh Strauss exclaimed "I drank gasoline last night, these guys kick ass!"

Official Website: http://www.scrummageuniversity.net/events.html

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