215 SE Morrison, 7th Floor Portland, 97214
Portland, Oregon

The StartUp Exchange is about bootstrapping in the creation of a software company followed by organic, grassroots growth. Instead of a formal Board of Advisors, we are like a Board of Peers. Our events are for tech startup executives only - sorry services providers you can't attend.

Request to join the StartUp Exchange group on the social network. It's an invite only group where ideas can be circulated between entrepreneurs.

Welcomed audience: any entrepreneurs (past, present or future), start up executives, or veteran technology leaders
This event is not open for service providers - sorry guys!

Bring your burning questions so that you can dig into it with your experienced peers.

Featured Tech Industry Leaders in Attendance
Jay Haladay, CEO, Co-Axis
Kevin Doherty, President, Technocom

Here's 4 helpful tips to successfully arrive there:
- It's on the eastside of the river
- Park under overpass on Morrison or a nearby street
- Follow signs leading from door on Morrison to freight elevator
- Take freight elevator to 7th Floor

#saopdx #startupexchange

Official Website: https://db.sao.org/calendar2/event_description.htm?eventID=4/21/09

Added by sao on April 9, 2009