920 SW Third (between Taylor & Salmon)
Portland, Oregon 97204

Join the SAO for our first unconference!

The time is short - we as a community have just a couple of weeks to get ideas to the Governor's office to include in stimulus-related grant activities. This is a unique time to compete for job-creating, infrastructure-developing, regional economy-changing investments...get involved!

Come + learn about the initiative and then brainstorm as a community how to best leverage this one-time opportunity!

Every American and certainly every business person should look at the way this plan will roll out. We will be highlighting Healthcare IT (page 42-43) and Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy (page 17 and 20) as two of the better opportunities for the tech community. Come with your ideas and your computer - we will be posting the ideas generated at this meeting to our Wiki so we can help put them into the appropriate format and vet them through the correct channels.

Click to download Oregon's ARRA Guide: https://db.sao.org/calendar2/event_description.htm?eventID=3/24/09

Event Moderators:
Harvey Mathews, President, Software Association of Oregon
Rich Bader, CEO, EasyStreet
Bill Hersh, Chair Medical Informatics, OHSU

# Walk through the linked Stimulus Guide document, highlighting the areas we think are most applicable for tech companies (20-30 minutes)
# Share the appropriate contacts at the Governor's created group called the Oregon Way and that group's focus so people know how to structure their proposals and who to send it to (5-10 minutes)
# Lead a brainstorm of the grant proposals (45-60 minutes)


Added by sao on March 16, 2009