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For those with iPhones and phones with browsers, is the official Twitter feed for Santacon.

Due to the size of the expected crowd, there will be 4 routes/starting locations this year (3 SF, 1 East Bay).


Klassic Kringle:
Pier 39 Carousel @ 11:30am

Ho on Haight (Upper Haight area):
Kezar Pub & Restaurant @ 11:30am
770 Stanyan Street (@ Waller St.)

Mastrobation (Mission/Castro area):
Phoenix Bar & Restaurant @ 11:30am.
811 Valencia Street (@ 19th St.)

East Bay Santas:
Heinolds First & Last Chance @ 10:00am (for the 11:30am ferry)
48 Webster Street (in Jack London Square).
Bring $6.25 (Santa likes exact change) for the ferry to SF
Arrives at the SF Ferry Bldg (@ 12noon) and Pier 41 (12:15pm)…a coupla HOs from both the Mastro and Klassic routes will be on board to wrangle ya (Ho on Haight’rs…yer on yer own…recommend Twitter- and it up).


Bootie SF @ DNA Lounge (SF)
375 11th Street (@ Harrison St.)
Santa (full-on…not just a freakin’ hat) gets in free

Santagasm @ Anon Salon (SF)
285 9th Street (@ Folsom St.)
$5 admission (donation) for Santas who say “Santa conned me!” (regular suggested donation: $15-20)

Boiler Bar/Snail Fundraiser (East Bay)
2600 Magnolia Street (@ 26th St.), West Oakland
$5-10 donation (Santa & Santa’s helpers get a free drink)

Link to FAQ
Will update with more info as it develops.

Official Website:

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hi silona! how are you? wat ken i do for you?


hi silona! how are you? wat ken i do for you?


Santacon afterparty at Bootie SF on Saturday night - here:


Thanks for the update! I've added the info and link to the event description.


Selected Q&A from the FAQ:

Q: How will know which route is “the cool route”?
A: Until you wake up drooling in someone else’s bed the next morning, you won’t know which route was the cool one… Santa brings his own fun with him. Don’t let your FOMO [the "Fear Of Missing Out"] stress you out about which route is the best, just show up at one near you ready to party with the Red Tide. We guarantee a brain-breaking day for every Saint Nick in our posse.

Q: What should I wear to Santacon?
Santa looks like Santa. HOLIDAY APPAREL IS MANDATORY. A Santa hat is NOT ENOUGH. Get a Santa suit. Buy a Santa suit. Make a Santa suit. Steal a Santa suit.

Q: What should I bring with me to Santa Con?
A: A good attitude, Santa/holiday wear, comfy shoes, lotsa cash…small bills rule (Santa’s an excellent tipper and bartenders get busy…nice to make it easier for them!), loaded Muni/Bart cards and/or quarters, hydration accoutrements (uh, like a water bottle), raingear? (currently 30% chance of showers), your stuffed unicorn/spirit animal/personal silliness, noisy stuff (drums/noisemakers/exploding sledgehammers), Santacon SONGBOOK (caroling is fun!), gifts for the good big and little boys and girls (milk chocolate coal, buttons, stickers, condoms/lube..stuff like that). In short, whatever it is that you think will maximize yours and others fun quotient (and nothing that will detract from it).

Q: What should I NOT bring with me to Santa Con?
Weapons of any kind (especially pepper spray!), a bag of whine, or a bad attitude (I’m talking to you, naughty Miss Jessie M.! Santa saw what you did, and was disgusted). Santacon is not a kid-friendly event, but Santa will not tell you how to parent your child; just don’t be surprised if your child suddenly has lots of questions for you.

Q: How late does Santacon go?
A: Prepare yourself for a long day of revelry, because Santa likes to party and rarely knows to quit when he’s ahead. Expect to go a good 6+ hours on the route(s), wander off on your own to have some milk and cookies in the evening, and then come back to go til late at the many afterparties!

Q: How do I find Santa if I’m not starting with the group?
A: Why would you want to do that? It’s once a year, don’t miss a minute of the havoc that is Santacon, I say. (But Santa does understand the brave souls from the South Bay may arrive late.) So, how’s about this?: Send a text to 40404 (yes, a special 5 digit phone number). If you’re new to Twitter, it will ask you for a name (reply with whatever name you want). You’ll receive a message stating “You’ll receive a message every time sfsanta updates”. See? Supereasy! And then you won’t get left behind! Or, Santa suggests you call a friend who is already there.