2702 Main Street
Santa Monica, California 90405

We're celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Finn McCool's. Bring your moustache.

All are welcome at this social gathering for antisocial computer users. Join us as we discover the outside world and overcompensate with alcohol. This is week number 48.

Join the group to be notified: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/group/5622/

Free parking on Neilson Way after 8PM (it becomes 1-lane).

Follow http://twitter.com/sweetums for updates.

Official Website: http://hackerdrinkup.com/

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Reposting from St Pat's Day:

Word up to the reverse drinking holiday. Learn It, then Live It, people.

St Patrick's Day: Drink at a Mexican Bar.

Cinco De Mayo: Drink at an Irish Bar.

1) Avoid the crowds and amateurs.
2) Once you tell them why you are there, the bartenders love you.