824 E Santa Maria St
Santa Paula, California 93060

Lunch at Logsdon's Restaurant and tour of “First Sunday” antique aircraft display
Time: Fly-in at 12:30 PM; lunch at 1:00 PM
Radio: Monitor 122.85 for air-to air communication; CTAF is 122.9
Airport Website: http://szpairport.webs.com
RHV to SZP: 224 nm
Fuel: @ SZP = $3.80/gallon
Elevation: 245 MSL
Pattern Altitude: 850 MSL (600 AGL) Left Traffic keeping it inside the hill for runway 22.

Menu: Order from choice of 3 entrees: Old Fashioned Burger, Turkey Bacado Sandwich and Chicken Salad (can be altered for vegetarians). Price ($14.95) includes entrée, coffee, tea or soft drink, tax and tip. Sandwiches will also include a choice of soup, coleslaw, or fresh cut fries.

Go to the Aviation Museum website http://www.amszp.org, to see the wonderful historical adventure that awaits us.

For last minute information contact Trish or Dave Guerrieri at (cell) 408-702-8852 or via email at
[email protected]. We get e-mail on our cell phones. You can also follow us on Twitter - @GaryAir

Official Website: http://szpairport.webs.com

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Here's a link to the SJC TAF. Hover your mouse over the dot at SJC.


New TAF will come out at around 4:45pm this afternoon for 5pm - 4pm (becomes -8 tonight when DST ends). So let's wait to make a decision about weather then. Maybe we can have late lunch/early dinner at Logdsdon's instead?


The antique aircraft display goes on until about 4pm, so if weather is bad in the morning in San Jose, we could just arrive a little later. Are most folks night current, or should we consider going somewhere closer? Let's revisit this around 5pm tonight.


After talking to Ross and Lucile and Ken, we decided that if we cannot depart the Bay Area by noon, we will move the fly-in to Oceano, and have lunch in the nearby Rock 'N Roll Cafe.


I'll post the decision here by noon tomorrow.


The San Jose TAF says good weather after 10 am so things should be fine as originally planned.