Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road
London, England SE18x

The Sandpit gaming night will be running at the Hayward Gallery as part of their Psycho Buildings exhibition. It’ll be full of games that can be played among the exhibition, both inside and on the outdoor terraces surrounding, including Checkpoint, Thoughtcrime and The Lost Sport of Olympia.

There will be three games inside the exhibition space itself, and the rest outside. To play the games in the exhibition, you’ll need to buy a ticket from the Hayward Gallery - ten pounds, or six with concessions. Games outside the exhibition are free to join.

And as usual there’ll be a selection of pick-up-and-play games, from Dadaist Pursuit and Letterbox to build-it-yourself Confabulous, plus there’s a bar downstairs should any aspirant Werewolves want to gather after the exhibition closes at ten.

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Added by Kevan on May 21, 2008