The Mall
London, England

Sandpit #10 will take place on Wednesday 22 April 2009, when we’ll be back at the ICA for an evening of social games and playful experiences themed around the End of the World. Come along for a night of apocalypse, decay, monsters, escape, financial collapse, destruction, doom and other fun things.

A full list of games is available here.

Booking here.

There’ll be a charge of £4, and tickets are available from the ICA box office here. As usual, there’ll be a mix of ambient games, pick-up-and-play games like Foldover or Paper Telephone, and bigger scheduled games. The ambient and pick-up-and-play games are open to all; plus your £4 gets you slots in three of the scheduled games.

It works like this: turn up any time from 6:30, show us your ticket, and pick your games (we’ll give you a sticker for each one, to make sure you get your place). Games will kick off at 7pm. And if you just want to turn up without a ticket and and get involved in a few pick-up-and-play games, then that’s great too.

Places are strictly limited.

Official Website:

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