Market Street and San Carlos
San Jose, California

Grand Prix car racing in downtown San Jose. For more information check out the official website:

Added by kris247 on July 19, 2005



Heh, cool. I bought my tix several weeks ago, being a long-time Formula 1 fan due to Juan Pablo Montoya, who I watched briefly in CART (ChampCar's predecessor).


I've watched a little Forumula 1, but I don't follow it closely. My best memory of F1 was watching the championship race in 1999 (?) when Mika Hakkinen's tire came off the car.

I don't have tickets, but I figure we'll go and try to stand on the corner and hopefully see some cars fly past.


I've only watched F1 the past couple of years, so Hakkinen's before my time. There's at least 3 former F1 drivers in the current Champ Car field (Wilson, da Matta, Verstappen), which should be interesting.

For anybody who wants to know more about this event, I've written up an introduction to Champ Car racing:

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