Between 4th and 5th streets
san francisco, California

The 2007 San Francisco Urban Iditarod has been postponed. Check back as the new date and start time will be posted as soon as possible.

Official Website:

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Sadly, this happens while I am in Japan


Luckily, I will be back from Japan by then!



we are in the process of setting up a wiki for our team so that we can all chitter-chatter about our plans. i'll post the link here when we get it up (nick worked on it a bit yesterday...) hopefully we can have it done tonight.

i've secured a shopping cart for the race... i propose we meet up this weekend to get things moving. nick and i will host - booze and bbq... who's in?


I wanna play!!!!!


I can definitely secure shopping charts. The Sunnyvale ghetto is littered with them, and I have a hatch-back Subaru. Also, chopstork wiki is available, but from my experience most of my mech-head friends find wiki's intimidating, too complicated, or too dorkie.


Yey Luke...i think we might need two carts. Bekah, Lindsey and I are definately in. We were thinking swim suits and google...a swimming pool theme and being the Doggie Paddlers. Or at least that's one idea...more to come after a bottle of wine tonight.


doggie paddlers. i like that.

when this weekend will be good to meet for everyone?


PLEASE NOTE The San Francisco Urban Iditarod will be postponed until later in March or Early April. Please do not show up this Saturday.

After a much appreciated and productive meeting with the SFPD, El Perro Grande is proud to announce that the race will not be canceled but will be run at a later date. Stayed tuned for further details. The NEW date will be set AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Please note, a $5.00 donation per person will be collected to cover operation expenses. Any additional monies left over will be donated to a local charity.


In Chicago, the winning team printed a fake map and distributed it to the other racers, sending rival carts scattered all over Chicago. Here's a cool video of how they cheated their way to glory:

Chiditarod 2007 Video


Hopefully, I will not leave the country during the new time


We watched last year and have been planning, searching and waiting for it all year long! I guess we can wait 3 more weeks. Our cart is ready and upgraded for serious racing!! See you on the 1st!


Did this already happen, or is it really scheduled for Sep 10?


Dear Urban Iditarod people: status update, pleaz.


The MySpace page still has not been updateded -- so will it happen 09/10 ?


No, it ain't happening. Someone totally dropped the ball here.


I tried to contact people affiliated with the event, but no response. The person who added the event hasn't logged back in for months. Sorry, everyone.