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Added by aliciarenee on July 6, 2007



Jake Shimabukuro's playing the night before - anyone know if he'll be performing at the festival?


his uke might be too sad from gently weeping

Chocolate Thunder

doubtful, contractual obligations probably prohibit him from playing for free the day after he's booked for a show at the Herbst. he can make an appearance, but they can't announce it. It depends who's hosting him and if he's got a another gig that weekend. I doubt he'll be there because he's got friends in the Bay Area he can chill with. the line-up for the festival is okay. Kimo Hussey and the Victor Ohana band are your best bets for good uke playing and real island music.
There's 4 Hawaiian acts, 3 of them should be good. Carey Camacho is a local slack key guitarist whose playing will melt the tension out of your bones. Al Dodge and the Tin Pan Haoles are members from Robert Crumb's vintage band The Cheap Suit Serenaders. The Frisky Frolics is a young revival band: harmonies and washboard scratchin'. There are a few who are questionably in the line up. You can get something to eat, drink & pinch a loaf during those performers.


Actually, if it's the lineup I think it is, Al is the only member of the Cheap Suits in it. However, his group has very good musicians and the repertoire is great.


Jake Shimabukuro was slated to play at 3pm today at the Festival...