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During this course you will learn to rapidly create a website based on a XHTML template, and you will get to learn TypoScript, which sounds like a complicated new coding language but is merely a simple configuration that will make your life way easier instantly. At the end of the training you will know how to use quickly include existing HTML templates in TYPO3, to create a dynamic navigation menu with just 5 lines of code and how to extend TYPO3 with common extensions.

* Templating Systems
* TypoScript + TYPO3s Marker System
* TemplaVoila - What is it? Why do people like it / hate it?
* Extension Configuration
* AJAX with TYPO3
* Do's and Don'ts

Benjamin Mack
Benjamin Mack first got in touch with TYPO3 in 2003 while working as an editor and integrator on web portals. During his studies of computer science he got to know more of the complexity and the power of TYPO3. In 2007 he first contributed to the TYPO3 project by recreating the TYPO3 "page tree" with advanced AJAX functionality. Today, Benni runs his own company in Stuttgart, Germany, and works as a consultant for various agencies around the globe. He is part of the TYPO3 Core Team and also the release manager of the upcoming TYPO3 version 4.4. Check out his blog a typo3tricks.com.

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Official Website: http://www.infielddesign.com/sf-typo3-camp/

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