University of California
Berkeley, California

Featuring: San Francisco Taiko Dojo 40th Anniversary Concert
Saturday, November 22nd & Sunday, November 23rd Please check for times scheduled.
Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley

"East Meets West" Fushu Daiko & San Francisco Taiko Dojo - We are priviledged and honored to receive an invitation from Sensei Tanaka to perform live at
his International Taiko Festival Celebrating 40 years of taiko in North America Coming November 2008!

San Francisco Taiko Dojo: Seiichi Tanaka - returned to Japan and sought out a visionary in the Taiko world, Taiko Grand Master Daihachi Oguchi of Osuwa Daiko, to teach him the art, traditions,

Special Guests from Japan:
Grand Master Daihachi Oguchi & Osuwa Daiko

Special Guest (Sunday only) World Renown artist KITARO
Healing & Easy Listening / Ambient / Electronica
Grammy Nominee

Other Special Guests:
Burlington Taiko (Vermont) - Taiko Home PageSince 1987, Burlington Taiko has been mesmerizing audiences with the powerful, spellbinding and propulsive sounds of the taiko. Burlington Taiko Group

Fushu Daiko (Florida) - Since our beginning in 1990, Fushu Daiko has practiced joyously in the pursuit of ever increasing mastery of taiko drumming, understanding, and appreciation in the way of taiko, Japanese culture, and all of life.

Plus many more!

Call 415-92-TAIKO for more info!

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Interested in Learning Taiko?
Fushu Daiko offers Basic Taiko classes as well as 2 day workshops in the Way of Taiko. Check out our dojo schedule.

天鼓道場 Dojo Tenko About Osuwa Daiko Daihachi-Oguchi is GrandMaster of Osuwa-Daiko, bestowed by Suwa-Shine Chairman . Grand Master, Daihachi-Oguchi restored a piece of traditional shrine music

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Taiko community mourns the tragic loss of
Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi.

Fushu Daiko sends heartfelt condolences out
to Oguchi Sensei's family and our mentor Tanaka Sensei.

"He was the big mountain in the taiko world."
- Tanaka Sensei

Associated Press 6/27/08: Master Taiko Drummer Oguchi Dies

Local News: Fushu Daiko in the Miami Herald
Article no longer available.

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Our Sincere condolances to the Taiko Community.
I first found about Taiko Drumming when GM Tanaka was performing in a Broward County South Florida Mall in 1990. That made me a fan of the drums! I loved how I felt and the connection gave me chills! Excieting to feel that happy! It was said if we felt like we wanted to we could yell out with the spirit too! And since have followed Fushu Daiko. Peace.

Posted July 7, 2008 8:53am