563 2nd Street
San Francisco, California 94107

Some of us are meeting up tomorrow night at the 21st Amendment in San Francisco. We'll meet up for a drink or two at 6pm and then roll out from there to do a bit of night shooting in the nearby South Beach neighborhood.

Come thirsty and bring your camera.

Added by thomashawk on September 24, 2007



How late will you guys be out? I can't get into SF before 10 or so on Tuesdays.


hmmmm.. yeah 10pm may be a bit late for me. Not sure what the others will be up to.


10 will be too late for me, too.


Bummer. Drink a beer for me and I'll have to catch you next time.


Bummed that I can't be there... sounds like a lot of fun!


I would love to come. Let me know if you ever get to the midwest. Lots to shoot, Notre Dame, Chicago, anywhere nearby and I am there.