444 Jessie St.
San Francisco, California

– The San Francisco Film Society’s SF360 Film+Club, a monthly social screening series, returns to Mezzanine with a program of selected highlights from the uniquely entertaining Wholphin, a quarterly magazine collection of rare and unseen short films, about to release issue No. 4
The featured films of the night are:
Two Cars, One Night, the first film from New Zealand director, Taika Waititi, whose feature film, Eagle vs. Shark, played at the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival and is in theaters this summer. Waititi is currently working on developing Two Cars, One Night into a feature-length film, which will feature more cars, more nights.

An excerpt from Lynn Hershman Leeson's Strange Culture (SFIFF 2007), an unconventional documentary that follows artist and professor, Steve Kurtz, after the FBI falsely accuses him of bioterrorism, because his artworks, which incorporate genetically modified food and bacteria, are mistaken for WMDs.

Chris Waitt's Heavy Metal Jr. a documentary about a band of Scottish nine-year-olds preparing to perform their song, “Satan Rocks,” at their county fair.

Andrew Zuckerman and Alex Vlack’s High Falls, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard as a couple keeping secrets from one another. High Falls is also being expanded into a feature film.

Toby MacDonald and Luke Morris’s Heavy Metal Drummer, the story of a Moroccan teenager whose passion for heavy metal music sets him apart in the Arab world. Morris’s inspiration for this film came from “a story of 14 metalheads who’d been arrested and tried in Casablanca for moral and religious crimes, essentially, wearing Metallica T-shirts and having a penchant for death metal.”

Olivo Barbieri’s Site Specific_ LAS VEGAS 05 featuring mind-bending aerial video footage that makes Las Vegas look like a model. Barbieri's Site Specific series includes films on Rome, Shanghai and Seville, and New York will be added next.

Doors open at Mezzanine at 7:00 pm, program starts at 7:30 pm.
Complimentary Damrak and Agavero cocktails and tasting from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.
Tickets are $8.00 at the door or $5.00 if reserved in advance by emailing [email protected].
Must be 21+ to attend.

For more information, www.sffs.org

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