1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, California 94102

participate in discussions about SF Muni WiFi:
How well will it work indoors?
How is your privacy protected?
Will it solve the Digital Divide?
What speed will it run at?
Will it work after a disaster?
Will it use the city's fiber backbone?
for more details including IRC and Webcast info

Official Website: http://www.sfgov.org/site/lafco_page.asp?id=38962

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Can't make it in person? Watch online:

you may watch cable channel (26 or 78) or live video streaming at http://sfgov.org/site/sfgtv_index.asp?id=11463 (select SFGTV or SFGTV2)

There will be an IRC online chatroom setup at:

chatroom #techconnect


ACLU, EFF and EPIC have sent four letters to San Francisco - advocating for Municipal WiFi with privacy protections - I believe that they have received no response from the city and it appears that the RFP and other aspects of the TechConnect initiative have largely not addressed the issues they have persistently raised.

read the 4 letters here:

San Francisco Chronicle editorial 5/10/06 "Hidden cost of 'free' wireless"


It starts at 2pm, not 1pm as i previously listed